1. nodle

    The rise and fall of Guitar Hero & Rock Band

    Here awhile back we were in an arcade and in the corner, they had the arcade version of Guitar Hero. My Daughter asked about it and I tried to explain it to her what it was all about. You know these were great games. I think most of the members here can agree that we all loved these types of...
  2. D

    Kid Rock Is Leading Poll For Michigan Senate Race
  3. nodle

    Rock tumblers

    I thought I would make a post of a little hobby that I have been doing for the past couple of weeks. I got my old rock tumbler from my parents that I had growing up. I thought it would be a fun project for my Daughter. I ordered some new grit packets off of Amazon. I spent a few weeks collecting...
  4. nodle

    Manual Rock Drill

    This thing is genius! Spring loaded hammers, rotating gear and latch system. When man needs to create a device to get a job done he can really figure things out.
  5. nodle

    Rock Band 4 Announced

    Excited! :) Here's the vital information: It will be on PS4 and Xbox One       Harmonix intends it to be fully backwards-compatible with ALL plastic instruments you may have already bought back in the mid-late '00s, and is working with Microsoft and Sony to make this a reality       All...
  6. nodle

    "The Rock's" Dad

  7. jthock

    Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

    I will admit that I sort of liked him in The Rundown with Sean Michael Scott. I don't really know what I expected going into the newest G.I. Joe movie on Netflix, but this guy is just a terrible, terrible actor. Just awful. Terribly, terribly awful...
  8. WayneKerr

    *I'm* the number one rock star on the planet
  9. nodle

    Mystery rock appears on Mars

    So I have been reading about this the last couple of days. How would you explain it? To me it looks like a bolt fell off the rover. Link
  10. nodle

    Monster, Rock Star, Red Bull energy drinks.

    With the latest lawsuit. How many of you feel that these are dangerous drinks? I have co-workers that chug these all day long. They are liquid cocaine. Have you ever looked at the ingredients? No one is looking at the prolonged effects of these. Think about what these do to your liver and your...
  11. nodle

    Robotic hand that cannot lose at rock-paper-scissors

  12. ryanator

    Canon in D major - Guitar Rock

    I'm sure most of you have seen this or heard of it, but it's something that I've been listening to for a while and never gets old. It's a rendition of Pachebel's Canon in D major played with an electric guitar. If I could play like this, I'd feel that I have accomplished everything in life.
  13. nodle

    Ready to rock!

  14. nodle

    Woman held in California for trying to sell moon rocks

    It's illegal? WTF?
  15. nodle

    Rock Band 3 piano?

    Oh boy this is interesting.
  16. nodle

    Ready to rock n' roll!
  17. L

    Rock Hero Guitar Banders Unite
  18. nodle

    Lego rock band

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  19. nodle

    Pearl Jam Rock Band announced

  20. nodle

    Rock star?