1. nodle

    Texas high school shooting

    Oh look another school shooting.... here we go again! 'Multiple fatalities' reported at Santa Fe High School shooting
  2. nodle

    Black figure shuts down school
  3. nodle

    Bullying in school systems

    How many of you think this is out of control in our school systems? Wait it's not what you think. Out of control meaning people making to much out of it. Bullying has been around since the beginning of time and it will always be. We all went though it. It's a right of passage growing up. I don't...
  4. nodle

    Lego gun causes panic on school bus
  5. nodle

    Going back to school

    If you could go back to school right now, what would you take?
  6. nodle

    Car drives on sidewalk to pass school bus

    Seriously? WTF! So glad she got busted.
  7. jmanz

    UFO sighting at Arizona High School Football Game

  8. nodle

    Great High School Baseball Play
  9. nodle

    School gets hit with rain, filled with worms
  10. nodle

    Obama - longer school year needed
  11. C Pav

    Game in secondary school gets five pregnant, never had games even remotely close to this when I was in school.
  12. nodle

    School Spies Students Through Their Laptop Cameras

    I hope they sue the crap out of them...
  13. nodle

    School Students Taught Songs Praising President Obama
  14. nodle

    Obama's speech to school children

    Do you think it's a simple school talk, or an intro into socialism?
  15. O-Tron

    Why weren't moms like this when I was in school OK, granted, this mom isn't one I would classify as a "MILF" but the premise is the same. There are - and were - some major MILFS now and back in my high school days. Why wasn't this type of thing happening then?
  16. Ludacris

    Survival School

    I started watching this series on Hulu; it's called Survivor School.  Also found on the MoJo network.  I like it, and recommend it.  9/10
  17. nodle

    Which is more likely? High School Terrorist or Thought Police?
  18. nodle

    Parents Let Kid Drop Out of High School to Focus on Guitar Hero

    WTF!  :confused:
  19. nodle

    I need to go back to school
  20. nodle

    Haunted High School

    Is a ghost roaming the halls of a North Carolina school? An unexplained image that triggered a motion detecting surveillance camera has some officials at Asheville High wondering. The image appears to cast a shadow as moves through the school's hallways at 2:51 am last Friday...