1. nodle

    Solar Warden - Secret military space program

    I always found this interesting and came across it tonight as was surprised that we didn't have a topic on it, so now we will. Sounds to me that they left Gar McKinnon alone because they knew it would open up a whole can of worms. Think it's true?
  2. nodle

    The plant of immortality

    Neat article on aloe vera and how it has been used in the past, and some say how the secret to immorality. I do know it's a miracle on sunburns.
  3. nodle

    Eyes in the Sky: The Secret Rise of Gorgon Stare

    Started reading this book last night. It really shows you how far surveillance has come in the sky. What was only imagined as something from science fiction, is floating over your head right now, filming constantly everywhere at every second all in glorious HD with zoom...
  4. nodle

    Operation Britomartis - The worlds largest mesh computing project

    I started thinking about Bitcoins tonight. Not only the popularity of it, but more of the way the coins are 'mined' or produced. They currently are 'mined' from GPUs or video card, harnessing their power to create a virtual coin, or at least a small portion of a coin. There are tons of different...
  5. nodle

    Mystery military plane revealed on TikTok

  6. nodle

    Thousands of people plan to storm Area 51

    I have been seeing this for a few days, seems like some are serious. :ROFLMAO: :alien:
  7. nodle

    The secret spice in Totinos pizza

    Does anyone else like Totinos pizza? They are a cheap pizza but they all have this one secret ingredient. It's some sort of spice. From my research it seems to be fennel seed. Does anyone know what I am talking about? It's a little seed that they add that brings out the pizza...
  8. nodle

    Project Azorian

    On March 8, 1968, a Russian submarine carrying five nuclear warheads vanished in the North Pacific. The mission to find and recover it would become one of the most complicated and expensive covert operations in history.
  9. nodle

    Secret of Mana Special Theme

    Free! @C Pav
  10. nodle

    Strava Labs leaking Top Secret Military Bases

    So I am sure that everyone has read about Fit Bit tracking app Strava being used for locating secret military bases. The GPS is leaking where people walk and creating artificial walls and diagrams. But one interesting location is in Antartica and someone walked a perfect letter "C". Strange...
  11. nodle

    Proof of a secret society in the U.S.?

    Real interesting stuff. Oh I like how they blame a "glitch" for losing all the rest of the texts. A "glitch" that's right. They have used this excuse before as well. With all these "glitches" you think our government should have top of the line equipment wouldn't you say? But this also speaks of...
  12. nodle

    Trump and "covfefe" what does it really mean?

    So all by now have read about trumps "covfefe" Twitter tweet. People were all making fun of him, but then Spicer came out and said "The president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant". This got me thinking, what does it really mean? There is some sort of secret code in there...
  13. ryanator

    Secret of Mana 2 - English port

    Was thinking about nostalgic games today and came across Secret of Mana's successor unofficially ported over to English (Seiken Densetsu 3 in Japan) - Was always wanting a Secret of Mana 2, looks like...
  14. nodle

    Secret Nazi military base discovered in the Arctic

    Geez what have I said all this time? Take heed of the name of the base. Source
  15. C Pav

    Arby's secret menu item the meat mountain
  16. nodle

    Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom

    What game does this remind you off? Plus where is my dam ps4 version! :mad:
  17. nodle

    The secret life of Walter Mitty

    Thinking about watching this also. I always love Ben Stiller stuff. Has anyone seen it yet?
  18. nodle

    The CIA's Secret Heart Attack Gun

    Video & link.
  19. nodle

    China's secret anti satellites
  20. nodle

    Leaks reveal secrets of the rich who hide cash offshore