1. nodle

    HBO Max streaming service

    Anyone use HBO Max? Is it worth it? They have quite the series and movies on there.
  2. nodle

    Disney + streaming service

    What's everyone new take on the new Disney +? Something that your interested in? I'm not really I have most of the Disney movies so it's not that big of a deal to me. I think they would had been better just to add everything to Netflix.
  3. nodle

    Service animals

    Ok before we get going let's start this off with, I personally think service animals are great. They have been proven to help the needs of people that need them. I know vets use them a lot along with others and I think it also provides a much needed loving home for the animals as well. So it's a...
  4. nodle

    Arby's Just Launched a Subscription Service

    Did you get in on it @C Pav ? Arby's Just Launched a Subscription Service & It Sold Out Almost Instantly
  5. nodle

    T-mobile cell service

    Does anyone know anything about T-mobile or have them? I see they have come into our area now, I have always heard decent things about them. Basically for what we are paying for now we could get on T-mobile but get unlimited internet for the same cost, plus free Netflix etc...
  6. D

    What are U clickin on?

    Worked with a lady who would get frustrated and ask the customer aggressively, "What are you clickin on?" She would lose sight in her mind where she thought they were at in the various menus relating to networking and what not. 
  7. nodle

    Bad service at restaurants

    Nothing is worse than being in a good mood and going into a restaurant to grab something to eat then get bad customer service. Now first off I am very, very tolerant. More than most people. I mean come on we all have had bad days, just don't feel like working, or maybe your boss has thrown to...
  8. nodle

    Starz subscription service

    I see Starz now has a subscription service that ties in with Amazon. I was recently looking at it since it has so many Disney movies. Not to bad at $8.99 a month. Has anyone used it yet?
  9. nodle

    Google launches own mobile service

    Google is now a mobile carrier. Today the company has made official its plan to offer wireless service to owners of its Nexus 6 smartphone. Google's new offering is unique in that the company will charge consumers only for the data they use rather than hit them with a flat monthly fee that comes...
  10. ryanator - 3D printing service

    Shapeways So I was wanting to make a custom adapter for a folding rifle stock, and there was nothing out there currently. I I said, hey I can do 3D model design in sketchup tried to get pricing from machine shops, but was very expensive, $700+ for a one time run (bulk would be much better)...
  11. nodle

    EA announces Subscription Service for Xbox One

  12. nodle

    The best online customer service

    So there are many places to order online for items these days. Where do you think have the best customer service? I would say Amazon for me. Every time there is a problem they are quick to fix it no question asked. I wanted to order something overnight and yes it was a large item but it was...
  13. nodle

    Amazon to launch free, ad-supported media streaming service

    I wonder if this is the future, ad supported tv? Oh wait television is already that way. I wonder if Netflix will do the same? Maybe with ads without prime? Without ads with prime? Source
  14. WayneKerr

    Windows 7 service pack one

    Wai...wha...I guess I haven't been paying attention to what was installed on my laptop, but I just updated to WIN7SP1 today.
  15. ryanator

    Consolidated internet service upgrade.

    So, just today I canceled my cable service and upgraded my internet. I was at 4mbs, and they still had the 12mbs listed as the next for $10 more and the 20mbs for $20 on top of the $10. But when I called to upgrade, they said they don't have the 12mbs anymore and now just now upgrade the 4 to...
  16. nodle

    Xbox may get subscription cable service

    JAWSOME! :thumb-up:
  17. WayneKerr

    Netflix streaming service

    Does anyone use netfix on their xbox360 and computer in the same house?  Which displays better.  I think I had 3 out of 5 bars last night, and I wasn't impressed.
  18. jmanz

    OnLive streaming service

    New tech could make consoles obsolete OnLive promises on-demand, streaming games By Mike Smith What if you could stream top-end games to your TV, just like a Youtube video that you can control? You'd never need to buy a console again. That's the future envisaged by Palo Alto startup OnLive...
  19. ndboarder

    Internet Service Providers

    So who do you use? For years I have had DSL through Qwest in a number of residences.  The speeds and such have always been adequate and I've never had any outage issues.  Apparently despite the long term service, I was given a promotional rate of $40 for 1.5Mb service when I bought my house...
  20. nodle

    Secret Service countersnipers hunt for real snipers