1. nodle

    Snow melting in your garage

    So, I have had this problem for some time now. My garage is heated, but does not have a floor drain. So, when we pull our car in, the chunks of ice and snow melt off and run everywhere. Last year I came up with a great solution which was a dry/wet shop vac, which sucks up all the water. This...
  2. C Pav

    Better road snow and ice removal

    So I have for some time thought to myself why isn't there some better way to make the roads safer in the winter? A machine that heats up then sucks up the melted ice and snow. This is after the initial snow removal but we know there are still very slippery roads especially intersections...
  3. nodle

    GT-R plus snow = awesome

    Road trip @ccs729 ?
  4. WayneKerr

    Sold a snow globe this morning

    Initially, I was like w00t! Sold a snow globe card! Almost pays for a discount game of Super Hexagon! Checked on lunch break, the market is up to $3.35 or something. Don't sell before first coffee!
  5. nodle

    Snow fence

    You would think a state that has no mountains or trees that would would have snow fencing all of the place. Shoot I come from a state that did have mountains and trees and we still had it all over. For those that have every been around it, it really does make a difference. Breaks up the wind...
  6. nodle

    Snow Tires vs. All-Season vs. Summer Tires

    What a difference they make.
  7. nodle

    Amish saves truck stuck in snow

    Talk about "horsepower".
  8. nodle

    Snow explosion
  9. nodle

    Guy gets revenge on woman stealing snow shovel

  10. nodle

    Snow plowing a parking garage roof
  11. nodle

    Dashing through the snow in a one-train open sleigh.
  12. nodle

    Snow shovel tip

    If your snow starts to stick to your snow shovel, just spray it with PAM.
  13. nodle

    Subaru WRX STI Pulls Semi Truck Out Of Snow
  14. L

    Snow Leapord vs. Windows 7
  15. nodle

    Snow Crash This was a good book. A little futuristic. I really enjoyed it from the beginning to about the middle. But it seemed like they wrapped it up to fast at the end. Overall though I would give it a 9/10.
  16. nodle

    Dd Sn (Dead Snow)
  17. nodle

    Ice ice baby

    How is everyone's roads?
  18. jmanz

    Looks like we are getting more snow

    We got another 6-8 inches here. More on the way for New Years apparently. When will it end?
  19. nodle

    Deep snow video
  20. C Pav

    Better city and highway snow removal methods.

    Let's face it, here in the north we have bad winters and the roads get very bad. I need to invent snow removal equipment that some how melts the ice and then sucks up the melted water so the streets are driveable. Even after the streets are plowed, there is always compacted snow and ice and...