1. nodle

    PlayStation Classic

    So yes two of you have already texted me this morning about it. I just wonder if Sony will make them limited like Nintendo did to create sales?
  2. nodle

    Uncharted 4

    Did anyone pick this one up yet?
  3. nodle

    Apple and the PS4

  4. nodle

    Sony alarm clock

    So I was looking for a new alarm clock and yes while it's nothing major I had to make a post to say how impressed and surprised I was. I guess it has been along time since I bought one. First off it's strange how they are actually kinda hard to find anymore. Apparently everyone uses their phone...
  5. nodle

    Sony to close all retail stores in Canada

    Sony Corp. will close all 14 of its Sony Stores across Canada as the company continues to struggle to reshape its business. The company made the announcement on Thursday in a memo to the employees of its stores, one of which is located here in Ottawa at the Bayshore Shopping Centre, telling...
  6. jthock

    Sony exec's flight grounded after hackers issue fake bomb threat These guys are also attacking blizzard's It's a busy day for! To help everyone log in, you've been placed in a queue...
  7. nodle

    Sony wireless headset

    Alot of people seem to like these. Great for people that like to game without making noise. You can also use on pc and other places. Also has built in mic. All the reviews are positive.
  8. nodle

    All things related to the Sony Playstation platforms

  9. nodle

    Sony unveils new PS3 model

  10. ndboarder

    PS Vita Sony's handheld gaming device

    Well, Sony's new handheld officially launches here in the States in a couple weeks, or as early as next week (the 15th I think) for those who purchase the "First Edition" bundle. Anyone here thinking about one? I know they have a game from the popular (and exclusive) Uncharted series available...
  11. nodle

    Sony unveils world's first 3D head-mounted display

    Ndboarder it is time!
  12. C Pav

    Nintendo 3DS or Sony NGP

    I myslef would love to buy both because that is how I am but in reality I will get neither. I am more impressed the what Sony is showing though. I mean seriously, 3D? Not sounding so exciting to me.
  13. nodle

    Sony's PSP 2

    So what is everyone's take on this?
  14. nodle

    Sony rumoured to be adding serial keys to PS3

    They start doing this, no one will buy them anymore. Read more:
  15. nodle

    Sony DSC-TX7

    I kinda want this camera. What do you think about it?
  16. W

    Sony's new stupid piece of shit
  17. ndboarder

    Sony Home Entertainment Center

    Bit of a hefty price tag at $3500, but this would be pretty darn sweet.  See quote below and link for more info and a pic.  Starts shipping next week apparently. LINK
  18. C Pav

    PSP - Sony's handheld console

    I am thinking of getting one again. I found it an ok system but not very many games that make it a must have. I mainly want because I am a huge system and game collector.
  19. C Pav

    The "special" $62 Sony screw..... I'll take a crate of them...or a crate of "Hey Sony, screw you!"
  20. C Pav

    Sums up Sony.....careful strong language ahead.