1. nodle

    Streaming television subscription services

    So, I just got a notification when I was home for lunch that my Netflix service will be changing from a 1 user with no ads to a 2 user with ads. They promoted this like this was a huge upgrade for me. No, it's a downgrade. I don't want to be seeing ads. Wasn't this the whole reason people left...
  2. nodle

    Fire TV Stick 4K Max streaming device, Wi-Fi 6

    Decent deal for what you are getting. $39.99
  3. nodle

    HBO Max streaming service

    Anyone use HBO Max? Is it worth it? They have quite the series and movies on there.
  4. nodle

    Game streaming hardware

    Has anyone got into game streaming? Weather your on PC, Xbox, etc.? I know it's quite popular anymore with Twitch and other services. People normally do it for money and tips, but I just think it would be neat just to stream it. Looking into it you need a hardware capture device that passes the...
  5. nodle

    Spotify VS. Tidal VS. Apple Music

    So I have been looking at Tidal lately. I currently use Spotify, but with Tidal offering high quality music I am thinking about switching. Anyone use Tidal here? I don't get why Spotify don't get on the bandwagon with the rest of the streaming services. Even Amazon music offer higher quality...
  6. nodle

    Streaming Black Box

    With all the modern day technology, and with the latest Iran Black Box problem, why not make the Black Boxes stream data to an offsite backup? I mean cellular or satellite technology is there for this why not take advantage of it? I'm sure most of it is technical data, it's not like they are...
  7. nodle

    Disney + streaming service

    What's everyone new take on the new Disney +? Something that your interested in? I'm not really I have most of the Disney movies so it's not that big of a deal to me. I think they would had been better just to add everything to Netflix.
  8. nodle

    Tool - Streaming Services

    Well they said they would never do it, but finally Tool has come to Spotify etc. Use to listen to the first album in my later school years.
  9. J

    IPTV Streaming?

    Is anyone currently using this service? if so, thoughts?
  10. J

    Xbox One gets Miracast streaming support with new update

    Microsoft is finally enabling Miracast support on Xbox One. While the company’s gaming console has long included the ability to stream individual files from Windows PCs, Miracast support will enable Xbox One owners with Android phones, Windows phones, and Windows PCs to cast photos / video...
  11. nodle

    Amazon to launch free, ad-supported media streaming service

    I wonder if this is the future, ad supported tv? Oh wait television is already that way. I wonder if Netflix will do the same? Maybe with ads without prime? Without ads with prime? Source
  12. nodle

    Roku's new streaming stick

    Looks like they are going the way of Chromecast. More info.
  13. nodle

    Apple TV+ streaming device

    Anyone have, or have been around them? I'm not an Apple fan. But seems like a pretty nice unit comparable to a Roku.
  14. nodle

    White House wants illegal streaming of audio/video to be a felony
  15. nodle

    Netflix Now Offering a Streaming-Only Plan

    I may change mine now, I don't know.
  16. nodle

    Streaming soon (NETFLIX)

    Keep up to date!
  17. WayneKerr

    Netflix streaming service

    Does anyone use netfix on their xbox360 and computer in the same house?  Which displays better.  I think I had 3 out of 5 bars last night, and I wasn't impressed.
  18. jmanz

    OnLive streaming service

    New tech could make consoles obsolete OnLive promises on-demand, streaming games By Mike Smith What if you could stream top-end games to your TV, just like a Youtube video that you can control? You'd never need to buy a console again. That's the future envisaged by Palo Alto startup OnLive...
  19. WayneKerr

    Pandora music streaming service

    Have you heard about this pandora?  (I am sure I commented on it, but couldn't find the thread) They sold half of there pre-orders (out of 4000) in 6 hours.
  20. nodle

    Hulu streaming service

    So do you think that this site will put some pressure on youtube now?