1. nodle

    Let's talk pens

    Yes you heard me right, lets talk about pens. I just recently ordered this Fisher Space Pen. They make a few version, but I got this one for EDC. The bullet space pen. Pressurized ink that allows you to write in any temperature, anywhere, underwater in space etc. It's a small form factor but...
  2. nodle

    Let's talk pocket knives

    Who here carries a pocketknife everyday? I do. I started to carry one years ago when I received one for my Birthday. To me it's a must have for daily carry. You would be surprised on how much you actually use it. Or people always ask "you don't happen to have a knife on you, do you"? So I was...
  3. nodle

    Let's talk beards

    Ok thanks to @jmanz let's talk beards. Were going the opposite of @C Pav and his 24k gold plated razors. What do you use to take care of your beards? @jmanz recommend this. I have grown beard off and on, but I never knew they made a product to make it not it...
  4. nodle

    Let's talk about vehicle GPS devices

    I would like to discuss vehicle GPS units. We have a Garmin (I forget the model number) but i think it's a 5" widescreen model. When I bought it thankfully it came with lifetime maps. We used it over the weekend and I was thinking it was such a great investment, I mean I don't know how people...
  5. nodle

    Let's talk coolers

    So it seems like there are coolers everywhere these days. Yeti seemed to have started with with their line of coolers. These types of coolers are made with a process called "rotomolded" and there is a difference in the insulation compared to say a cheaper Coleman. Most of these modern day...
  6. nodle

    WWE can't even talk smack anymore

    Well looks like the age of racism has even come to wrestling now, looks like everyone is offended by everything even in wrestling. Source
  7. D

    Something no one likes to talk about

    Death. No one likes to talk about it but, everyone eventually gets there. It could come at any time. Doesn't matter if you are rich or poor. It still comes anyway. 
  8. jmanz

    Let's Talk Presidents

    Political faction aside, which President do you think was/is the most decent human being of them all?
  9. nodle

    Let's talk insurance companies

    I would like to know what insurance companies you recommend. The reason is I have been with State Farm since I have been about 16, and just wondering if it's worth getting a quote from another company. I see all they hype for Progressive, Geico etc. I just wish didn't require so much personal...
  10. nodle

    Talk about bad luck

    Middle School Basketball Team Loses Title Game After Final Shot Gets Stuck On Rim
  11. nodle

    Talk about a sleeper

  12. WayneKerr

    Are we not going to talk about Obama's Ironman comment? is funny. If you have ever read or seen Starship troopers, or Iron Man, you might have seen this coming. I think there will be a time where we run drones first. Iron Man is somewhere between Mech-warriors and Pacific Rim.
  13. nodle

    Bethesda: No Wii U games from us; 'rather not talk about it'
  14. nodle

    Talk about some cpu cores!

    128 to be exact. :eek:
  15. nodle

    Talk about walking away from an accident
  16. nodle

    Don't talk on a cell phone next to a cop

    Disgusting! :mad:
  17. ryanator

    Don't drive, talk on cell phone, and wear an eye patch

    So I saw something new today. Some lady was driving here vehicle and came to a stop 6 feet behind the line, oh ya know.. probably because of loss of perception from not just talking on a cell phone, but wearing an eye patch too. Yes, an eye patch like "arrr matey". (though I do understand...
  18. nodle

    Talk about being able to go anywhere

  19. WayneKerr

    arr mateys, it be international talk like a pirate day grab your booty at
  20. nodle

    Cat talk funny video