1. nodle

    Increase in toy collectors lately

    Maybe it's just me but has anyone else noticed toy collectors increasing no matter what the line is released? People are going crazy for the new wrestling figures. New G.I. Joe figures etc. They are emptying store shelves everywhere. Any one else noticed this?
  2. nodle

    Christmas toys for 2021 in short supply

    So I have been hearing this lately on the news and on the radio. Last weekend we went to the toy dept. in a couple of Walmarts along with Target and most of their shelves are pretty bare. Apparently there is going to be a shortage of toys for Christmas from China this year due to shipping and...
  3. nodle

    Target 25% off coupon on toys

    Target is running a 25% off Toys in store or online coupon today. You have to text TOY to 827438. You will get an automated code back. Works on most toys but not all.
  4. nodle

    Transformers toys

    I have always loved Transformers. They bring me back to being a kid. I recently just bought the box set so that I can watch them again. They have always been one of my most favorite toys. Recently Walmart of all places has re-released some G1 figures again. If you can get your hands on them...
  5. jmanz

    RC hobby cars

    My son is into remote controlled cars and he wants a new one for Christmas. Anybody know what the good brands are these days? When I was a kid, I had a Tyco Turbo Hopper and that thing was awesome. He's only 4 so we don't have to get too carried away.
  6. nodle

    Ruger Precision Rimfire

    Say hello to my little friend! have been wanting one since they have got released about a year ago. Every time I go into a store I look to see if they have one in stock. Finally most store...
  7. nodle

    Cracker Jacks

    You know what sucks these days? Cracker Jacks. While the flavor is good the toys suck. They are just stickers now. Shoot when even I was little I remember little toys in the box. I know in the real early days they had some real great toys. Were suck a cheap culture anymore.
  8. nodle

    G.I. Joe toys from growing up

    I was watching a documentary last night on how G.I. Joe toys came to be. As I was watching it I kept seeing clips of some old figures and toys that I had. I thought it would be fun to post some of the vehicles that we all had growing up. This site has some great pictures to help you find them to...
  9. nodle

    Toys of Christmas past

    Thanks to @C Pav for the idea, lets post toys we got as kids for past Christmases. Only for Christmas. I'll start us off... Ewok village. The box it game in was huge. Had a real net. M.A.S.K. I launched that missile all...
  10. nodle

    Christmas Kid's Toys

    Has anyone noticed toy prices this year? We have a small Christmas catalog from Walmart and Target. the average toy starting price is about $50. That's kinda the starting point and it moves up to the $100 range, and even higher. When I was growing up the best of the best toys topped out at $50...
  11. nodle

    Toy baseball bats from your childhood

    Does anyone remember these growing up? A neighbor kid behind our house had the Nerf one.
  12. nodle

    Tomy i-sobot

    So I hope everyone had a good Christmas. My Wife's Brother ended up getting me this Robot called a i-sobot made by Tomy. I don't think they make them anymore but they go for quite a lot on Ebay. It's a pretty cool little Robot that comes with a Remote control and has all these built in features...
  13. nodle

    Mighty Max

    Does anyone remember these?
  14. nodle

    Knock Off Toys
  15. nodle

    Infants 'Unable To Use Toy Blocks' Due To iPad Addiction

    I won't even let my child look at the Ipad screen due to the small pixels. But I am not surprised by this one bit. My wife's nephew is addicted to the Ipad. if they even try to take it away from him he goes into convulsions. Source
  16. ryanator

    Custom built Toy Chest.

    Here is a toy chest I built in May for my nephew (brother's son). I haven't posted this here, but wanted to share in detail with more pictures. Description: It's made out of red oak and finished with a medium tone stain and 5 coats of water based polycrylic. I hand rubbed the surfaces with a...
  17. nodle

    Toy squirt guns

    Who remember these? I know I had some. I bet these wouldn't sell these days lol.
  18. nodle

    ATF agent seizes 30 toy guns says they can be converted

    Boy I don't know about you but I sure feel a lot safer with these off the street. :rolleyes:
  19. nodle

    Nerf gun toys

    Has anyone else seen all the new Nerf guns lately? Man I really want to pick up a few. Me and cpav saw some this morning at a store, they have ammo packs, vests, sniper guns, gatling guns, clips etc. The darts aren't even the same as when I grew up. They look really good now.
  20. jmanz

    5 Radio Controlled Toys For Men