1. nodle

    Jellyfish aliens, drones, & ufos

    Wow this is a crazy one. I like these because they are 100% legit. Military released videos. Pretty crazy, looks like the tattoo I got a couple of months ago. Looks a lot like a imperial droid. It also looks like it has spikes or horns.
  2. nodle

    Solar Warden - Secret military space program

    I always found this interesting and came across it tonight as was surprised that we didn't have a topic on it, so now we will. Sounds to me that they left Gar McKinnon alone because they knew it would open up a whole can of worms. Think it's true?
  3. nodle

    Russia Says It Shot Down a UFO

  4. nodle

    F.B.I. raids home of u.f.o. investigator

    Wait I thought according to our government Area 51 doesn’t exist? :unsure:
  5. nodle

    The Calvine photo - the world's clearest ufo photo

  6. nodle

    Aliens going to be announced to the world soon?

    Been seeing some strange stuff on the internet lately about Extraterrestrials being announced to the world soon. What do you think? Think is the next part of the big plan...
  7. nodle

    So has the government just announced that UFOs are real?

    It sure seems that way...
  8. nodle

    CIA releases tons of new UFO documents

    The CIA has just released a ton of new UFO documents. The site below has searchable .PDFs or you can download the entire CD-ROM collection. https://www.theblackvault.com/documentarchive/ufos-the-central-intelligence-agency-cia-collection/
  9. nodle

    Bob Lazar - What do you think of him?

    I guess most of you have heard of Bob Lazar. It was him that really brought forth Area 51. He made the news along time ago, and for many, many years I haven't heard anything from him but now he is making the rounds again. He basically came forth saying our government has UFO that they were...
  10. nodle

    Montana sheriffs discuss UFO encounters and cattle mutilations

  11. nodle

    What's going on at Sunspot Observatory in New Mexico?

    The Sunspot Observatory is temporarily closed due to a security issue at the facility that’s located 17 miles south of Cloudcroft in the Sacramento Mountains Friday, an Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) spokeswoman Shari Lifson said. “The Association of Universities...
  12. nodle

    Mystery object spotted over Washington state island

  13. nodle

    U.S. Navy pilots' apparent sighting of alien craft video

    Video in link
  14. nodle

    Mysterious lights over Milwaukee 2/27/18

    What do you think?
  15. nodle

    Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s U.F.O. Program

    SourceThis ties in with:
  16. nodle

    "Look at that thing!" Newly released UFO video

    Newly released video of UFO encounter with Navy FA-18 Super Hornet from Defense Department's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program Source
  17. nodle

    Ex-NASA scientist claims that UFOs are hiding in Saturn's rings

  18. O-Tron

    Crimean Pyramids - Real Reason for Russian interest?

    http://www.ancient-code.com/the-crimean-pyramids-built-before-dinosaurs-roamed-the-earth/ My sister, who currently lives in Indian and is on something of an Ancient Aliens tourism binge in the country sent me a message on Facebook this weekend speculating that the discovery of these pyramids...
  19. nodle

    Clinton campaign and UFOs

  20. nodle

    CIA posts trove of UFO documents

    CIA releases secret UFO reports and photos