1. nodle

    Ukraine funneling money and weapons to Russia and China?

    Here is one for you. I have read reports that once we send money and weapons to Ukraine, they don't have a way of tracking it from there on out. You are seeing the Biden administration giving them 800 million about every month now along with ammo and weaponry. Now put your tinfoil hats on, what...
  2. nodle

    Russia's invasion of Ukraine, bio research facilities, and Nazis

    So, I am going to toss this out there. Something stuff is starting to slowly come out of Ukraine. I know that before Putin invaded Ukraine he mentioned getting the Nazis out of there. Then for the last couple of days I have seen soldiers in uniforms with Velcro Nazi symbols on their outfits...
  3. nodle

    Ukraine airliner conspiracies?

    Let throw some conspiracy into the mix. So apparently 20 people on board were aids researchers. I also heard there was some nanotechnology person killed. Can't remember where I read that one. So the plane crashes the black boxes were retrieved an I heard sent off to Moscow? Then I read that they...
  4. ryanator

    Ukraine Police - 'hey guys look at my AK'.

    So I was in a bank in Kiev this morning, and while there, they had the courier come in with a police officer (standard policy), brandishing his pistol grip AK in hands. He shook hands with the on duty unarmed local bank security guy who locked the door to the entrance. They completed what they...