1. nodle

    exFAT vs. NTFS for usb drives

    Just an FYI, don't be like me and have a NTFS formatted flash drive and wonder why things are so slow. Most modern PCs will work with exFAT now and there is a big difference in speed. What Is the Best File Format for USB Drives? (
  2. J

    WiFi Adapter

    Morning all, I am currently looking for recommendations to replace a Linksys AE1200 Wireless-N USB Adapter Any thoughts?
  3. nodle

    Drobo 4 bay usb 3.0

    Saw this on Amazon's deal of the day. It's not quite like mine where mine has networking capabilities, this is one that just plugs into your USB 3.0 ports. But still a great deal none the less. Plus this way cloud backups will see it locally.  Drobo 4 bay $199.99
  4. nodle

    Laptop killing USB drive

    The USB Killer is a booby-trapped, hand-made USB drive that will "burn down" your laptop if you insert it into your USB slot. First described on the Russian site Habrahahbr, the USB Killer's origin story has now been translated into English: The basic idea of the USB drive is quite simple...
  5. nodle

    Usb type-C or the Reversible usb plug

    This will be nice. Supports usb 2.0 and 3.0.
  6. nodle

    LiLi - Linux usb creator

    LiLi Creates Versatile, Go-Anywhere Bootable Linux Thumb Drives
  7. nodle

    Universal USB Installer
  8. nodle

    USB Switchblade

  9. nodle

    Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

    A great little program to throw your .iso onto flash for install. I did this to my windows 7. Worked great! Thanks MS!
  10. nodle

    How to install Windows 7 with a USB flash drive
  11. nodle

    Make Vista boot from USB drive

    A nice little turtorial.
  12. WayneKerr

    Can you charge the PSP from the USB cable?

    Can you charge the PSP from the USB cable? I have been ignoring some ebay auctions that didn't have the cable and wondered what a loss it would really be. 
  13. nodle

    Coreys new usb device

  14. WayneKerr

    USB flash drives

    How come there isn't a decent site that shows comparisons on the read and write speeds of thumb drives?  If there is one, its from 2005.  Or its that one that link I posted to the readyboost site, but thats hard to find what I am looking for too.  Its probably my best bet. If you find...
  15. nodle

    Run your Linux from a USB drive

    Great tutorial site!
  16. nodle

    Ironkey usb drive

    I have to admit this is really sweet usb drive. Except for the price. Watch the demo:
  17. nodle

    HDD USB Adaptor

    What a neat idea! LINK
  18. nodle

    Sweet usb drive

    Errr i mean dogtags...
  19. nodle

    Webserver on USB drive

    The site is getting hammered, keep trying... What is Server2Go Server2Go Server2Go is a Webserver that runs out of box without any installation. That means it is a webserver that can run directly from cdrom, usb stick or from any folder on harddisk. Server2Go...
  20. nodle

    USB Key Hardware Firewall

    This beast looks sweet! Yoggie Security Systems has squeezed a complete hardware firewall for Windows systems into a USB key sized form-factor. The "Yoggie Pico" runs Linux 2.6 along with 13 security applications on a 520MHz PXA270, a powerful Intel processor popular in smartphones and other...