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  1. nodle

    The rise and fall of Guitar Hero & Rock Band

    Here awhile back we were in an arcade and in the corner, they had the arcade version of Guitar Hero. My Daughter asked about it and I tried to explain it to her what it was all about. You know these were great games. I think most of the members here can agree that we all loved these types of...
  2. nodle

    Stray - video game

    Sure, seems like a lot of good reviews for the new Stray game that just came out. Stray
  3. nodle

    Platedate - Handheld console

    Just ran across this little device this morning. It reminds me of the Gameboy. Playdate
  4. nodle

    Games that you always wanted to play, but never had the time for

    What are some games that you always wanted to play (we all have backlogs) but never got around to really play? I will start us off. The Secret of Mana. I still remember where I was sitting when a friend of mine brought his Nintendo Power to school and I saw an article on the game. That...
  5. nodle

    God of War - PC

    Looks like God of War is coming to PC. I never thought I would see this happen.
  6. nodle

    Elden Ring game

    I keep hearing quite a bit about this game. It's from the developer From Software, so it has a great company backing it. I wonder if it will be any good?
  7. nodle

    Hot Wheels Unleashed

    Just saw this game is coming out. If @jmanz needed another excuse to get an Xbox this is it. Game looks dam fun, I think I might pick it up myself. Make sure to check out the selection of vehicles and tracks on the website, it's gonna be amazing! Homepage | Hot Wheels (
  8. nodle

    Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

    Super Smash Brother killer? Day 1 for @C Pav? Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl | Coming Fall 2021! (
  9. nodle

    To many choices these days for everything

    Does anyone find that we actually have to many choices for everything these days? We have so many things to choose from that we don't end up choosing anything at all. Look at all the subscription services these days, from television to video games. Take Netflix for example, so many things to...
  10. C Pav

    Video Game Collecting Mega Thread

    Since we have a sports card thread, as well as plenty of game threads but nothing about the growing collecting of video games, I am starting this thread. Just like sports cards, and anything collectable. video games have jumped big time in value. I know I have a large amount of old and newer...
  11. nodle

    Nintendo Switch games on sale

    Select $38.99 Switch titles on Amazon Luigi's Mansion 3 (digital too) Super Mario Maker 2 Mario Tennis Aces (Digital too) Super Mario Party
  12. ndboarder

    Immortals Fenyx Rising

    I hadn't seen anything about this game, and an Xbox email I got showed an image that intrigued me enough to look into it. Lots of similarities and comparisons to Zelda Breath of the Wild, so if you like that type of game this looks like one that might be worth checking out. Thought about...
  13. nodle

    Fall Guys video game

    I am surprised that no one is talking about the most popular game right now. Fall Guys. Shame it's not on more platforms.
  14. Bones_under_moss

    Fortnite video game

    What do people think of the Fortnite game? I personally find the game itself to be a battle royale like any other except for it's animation, which is something that make it different from other BR games as PUBG. I think it's the young fandom that really ruins things for the game, teens and kids...
  15. nodle

    Epic buys Rocket League, will stop selling the game on Steam

    Oh wow people are going to be pissed. Hi now that we own it you have to use our crappy platform. End of game.
  16. nodle

    PC Building Simulator

    Well I guess this solves all my problems of me always wanting to build a new machine. :unsure:
  17. nodle

    What remains of Edith Finch

    This is free right now until January 24th. It's a great game.
  18. nodle

    The Messenger

    I know this is for multiple consoles, but I head it's really good and has a great soundtrack as well. The game play is suppose to be a cross between Ninja Gaiden and Metroid. Has anyone played it yet?
  19. nodle

    Video game of the year 2018

    Ok Fluxoid members, we are ending the year here soon. So I would like to know what your game of the year for 2018 was. Not based off other users, but your own personal opinion. It can be from any console. I will start us off... For me is The legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild. Even though I...
  20. nodle

    Fortnite being sued over dances

    I am sure you have seen it in the news, Carlton and others suing Fortnite over their dances. Seems like they have a lot of suing to do. What's your thought? A viable lawsuit, or just dance moves?