1. nodle

    Mad Man Mike and his Time Machine

    I watched this and enjoyed it. While I don’t really believe it, it was a good watch.
  2. nodle

    Matinee the movie

    I don't know why I missed this movie back in the day, but I saw yesterday was the anniversary and people were talking about how good it was. The movie is from 1993! Anyways I rented it and enjoyed it and it was nice and clean and had a couple of good laughs. They should make more movies like...
  3. nodle

    Real life dragon caught in Mongolia?

    What do you think real or fake?
  4. nodle

    Stray - video game

    Sure, seems like a lot of good reviews for the new Stray game that just came out. Stray
  5. nodle

    Classic YouTube videos you grew up with

    Let's post some old YouTube videos that you grew up with that will always remain classics. I'll start us off...
  6. C Pav

    Video Game Collecting Mega Thread

    Since we have a sports card thread, as well as plenty of game threads but nothing about the growing collecting of video games, I am starting this thread. Just like sports cards, and anything collectable. video games have jumped big time in value. I know I have a large amount of old and newer...
  7. nodle

    So has the government just announced that UFOs are real?

    It sure seems that way...
  8. nodle

    YouTube ads lately

    Does it seem like you can't watch any YouTube videos these days without being bombarded by Ads left and right? I mean they are 4-5 seconds ads but they are everywhere. Skip forward in the video, BAM! enjoy another 5 second Ad. Whoops I skipped to far move it back a hair, nope BAM! another Ad. I...
  9. nodle

    Fall Guys video game

    I am surprised that no one is talking about the most popular game right now. Fall Guys. Shame it's not on more platforms.
  10. Bones_under_moss

    Fortnite video game

    What do people think of the Fortnite game? I personally find the game itself to be a battle royale like any other except for it's animation, which is something that make it different from other BR games as PUBG. I think it's the young fandom that really ruins things for the game, teens and kids...
  11. nodle

    Shelby Super Snake

    I needs!
  12. nodle

    First we have people stealing mail and now this

    They are just blunt about it.
  13. nodle

    Video Cards and other PC components pricing right now

    I want to complain about the current prices on video cards, and the availability as well. It has been years now since I have updated my video card, but dam there just isn't anything out there. I mean Nvidia just released their model, but I am not going to spend $800 for a video card, and looking...
  14. nodle

    Project Farm Youtube videos

    I ran across this guys channel last night, and I like he compares real world things. For a D.I.Yer this is great info. Here are a couple of sample videos. Youtube page with more.
  15. nodle

    Video game of the year 2018

    Ok Fluxoid members, we are ending the year here soon. So I would like to know what your game of the year for 2018 was. Not based off other users, but your own personal opinion. It can be from any console. I will start us off... For me is The legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild. Even though I...
  16. nodle

    “na na” in songs

  17. nodle

    Montana sheriffs discuss UFO encounters and cattle mutilations
  18. nodle

    Burnout contest

    Must be an Australian thing?
  19. nodle

    The Story Of The Game Genie

    I had 2 and they were awesome. One for the SNES and the Gameboy. Interesting to hear the history behind it.
  20. D

    The Ultimate Steam Locomotive Video

    After much searching, I've found what I believe to be some of the best footage. Y6A + Y6B "pushers" N&W coal drags.