1. nodle

    Why a medieval peasant got more vacation time than you

  2. nodle

    Why is it taking so long?

    My boss pulled one on me this morning. Brought back memories of customers dropping on their computers for a data transfer and then coming back in 1 hour to see if it was done. He wanted me to pull his photos off his phone that he has never backed up before. 53 gigs of videos and photos, mostly...
  3. D

    Why you should run processors that are older.

    The AMD Platform Security Processor (PSP), officially known as AMD Secure Technology, is a trusted execution environment subsystem incorporated since about 2013 into AMD microprocessors.[1] According to an AMD developer's guide, the subsystem is "responsible for creating, monitoring and...
  4. nodle

    Why are used cars so expensive in America?

    Kelly Blue Book has been purchased by Autotrader (used car seller) and NADA Guides has been purchased by J.D. Power (a P.R. firm) and no longer give accurate values of used cars.
  5. nodle

    Why Wifi is Illegal in Green Bank, West Virginia

    Pretty interesting!
  6. D

    The medical system is why our finances are in trouble

    No bail, no kidding, no mansion, no Porsche, no exceptions — and no bull****.
  7. nodle

    Lambo windshield gets smashed by kid

  8. nodle

    Why do these photos make you feel good?

    When you look at these photos below, do you get a "comfortable" feeling also?
  9. nodle

    Why can't Amercia stop ISIS?

    Think about it, we are the most powerful nation on Earth, with an unmatched military budget. We has sophisticated weaponry. Yet we can't seem to get rid of these guys. You have two small tiny countries, Egypt and Jordan each do more damage in one day than we have the whole time. It's quite an...
  10. nodle

    Mysterious penny stock soars, and no one knows why

    Mysterious penny stock soars, and no one knows why CYNK Technology has no revenue, no assets and only 1 employee. So why is it worth $4 billion? Should had been in on this @jmanz and @Ludacris .
  11. nodle

    Why you should never celebrate too early

  12. C Pav

    Why do we/you play video games?

    Just starting this topic to get everyone's reasons and opinions on why we play games. My reasons are for stress release and they are fun. There is just something about being able to immerse yourself in a game that is fun or has a good story. Being able to control the actions and level up a...
  13. nodle

    Why can't all vehicles be this cool?

  14. jmanz

    Why Gamers are a Great Fit at the Gym

  15. nodle

    Now I see why Miscrosoft bought Skype

  16. nodle

    Gun Sword, why not both?

  17. nodle

    Why, English, Why?

  18. nodle

    Why Has Google Been Collecting Kids' Social Security Numbers?

  19. nodle

    This is why teenagers are not sent into space

  20. WayneKerr

    Why is it so hard for people to list things on ebay properly

    pci does not equal pci-e dammit