1. nodle

    Meater - wireless meat thermometer

    Just ran across this neat device. I have never heard about it. From the video I have watched it works well but you have to buy the Meater plus version. Amazon sells it. I might pick one up next summer. https://meater.com/
  2. nodle

    Xbox wireless headset (official) on sale

    Man this is an excellent price for these. If you have been waiting now is the time. I paid way more and I think they still are the best headset for the Xbox myself. Don't miss this deal! Amazon $88.01
  3. nodle

    WPA3 Wi-Fi Standard Released

    I wonder if this can be pushed out through firmware, or if you will have to purchase a whole new router? Source
  4. nodle

    Reolink Argus wireless IP camera

    Man I have really been out of the loop on IP cameras, they have sure come a long way. This device looks pretty sweet since it uses no wires. The reviews even seem positive. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072BLVWPX/ref=psdc_14241151_t3_B0711V3LSQ https://reolink.com/product/argus/
  5. nodle

    Sprint $12 wireless plan

    Smart move. Source
  6. nodle

    Sony wireless headset

    Alot of people seem to like these. Great for people that like to game without making noise. You can also use on pc and other places. Also has built in mic. All the reviews are positive.
  7. nodle

    Wireless signals harmful scenario

    Ok I am interested in this to see how people would respond. This should be a fun discussion. First off wireless signals from everything from a cell phone, to your wireless router, to Bluetooth, to anything that basically run on a frequency. These are all fairly new. And by new I mean with in the...
  8. WayneKerr

    w00t! Wireless xbox 360 receiver recognized in win7x64

    Wow....what a pain this was. Now that it works, I'll try to find the working process. I had to go into some crazy compatibility mode. From the amazon link I saw a week ago but couldn't find last night before work....
  9. nodle

    Asus rt-n56u wireless router

    This is quite the wireless router. I have been reading reviews on it online and everyone seems to love it. It has quite the looks. http://www.asus.com/Networks/WiFi_Networking/RTN56U/
  10. nodle

    Lenovo mini wireless keyboard and mouse

    Got this thing about two weeks ago, for use with my HTPC. It does have a nice small usb plug, which can store in the controller itself. The unit itself is nice and light and the keyboard feel like a cell phone text keyboard. It has an optical trackball mouse with it also. It does what it needs...
  11. WayneKerr

    Linksys wireless router

    For the last week or so, according to my wife; I just noticed it last night, our internet has been slow. Or at least this PC has. I uninstalled a bunch of old programs that I don't use, but when I finally bypassed my wireless router, my internet popped up like it should have, and the PC...
  12. ryanator

    Best wireless router?

    I'm looking for a good wireless router that's relatively cheap.  I will have a "n" compatible wireless card, but am thinking maybe even getting the LINKSYS WRT54GL with only the "g" would still be good enough for now and even a while yet.  I like that it's reviewed as very reliable plus being...
  13. L

    An ethernet jack with wireless networking built in (Ethershare)

    Lets say that you don't wanna run ethernet all over your house..and your xbox wants to go online.  You can for over a shit ton for  a proprietary wireless appliance...or...plug in the ethershare.   It plugs into your ethernet port has some components that connect to your wireless lan.  As...
  14. nodle

    Viva Pinata: Party Animals with Wireless Controller

  15. nodle

    Defcon wireless network setup

    A neat look at their setup this year. http://blog.wired.com/27bstroke6/2008/08/a-first-ever-lo.html
  16. WayneKerr

    wireless router

    wasn't there some unwritten rule that linksys wireless routers didn't work with polar?  was that just with there wireless or period? I am trying to help someone my wife works with that has a pannaway and a linksys wireless router
  17. nodle

    Wireless sd card

    This is such a good idea. http://img511.imageshack.us/img511/5060/eyefiimagedt9.jpg http://www.eye.fi/
  18. WayneKerr

    Can you recommend a good wireless mouse

    Looking for a replacement.  Got any recommendations?
  19. nodle

    The future of wireless

    Where do you see wireless technology going? I see more and more citys doing a web canopy system more and more these day. One day I am sure they will mabe the whole globe using a grid system, either with satellites or with something in the ionsphere (can you say haarp? :wink: ) But I see one day...
  20. ndboarder

    Best wireless router out there?

    Hey all, just wanted to see what people prefer as a wireless router. I know the helpdesk boys might reply with "there is no good wireless router", but at any rate, I have a linksys which I hadn't used in about a year and now when i put it back to use it locks up constantly and isn't letting...