1. nodle

    Israel & Palestine funneling money and weapons to Russia and China?

    Well, I hated to do it, but it probably deserves its own thread since I have a feeling there are going to be many posts to keep track of. Hopefully I don't have to start one for Tiawan.
  2. nodle

    Chinese surveillance ballon floating across the U.S.

  3. nodle

    Sheep walking in circles. What does it mean?

    I have been seeing this more and more on the news in the last couple of days.
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    Norinco LG5 / QLU-11 Rifle

    Who need a 50cal when you can just shoot a grenade?
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    Ukraine funneling money and weapons to Russia and China?

    Here is one for you. I have read reports that once we send money and weapons to Ukraine, they don't have a way of tracking it from there on out. You are seeing the Biden administration giving them 800 million about every month now along with ammo and weaponry. Now put your tinfoil hats on, what...
  6. nodle

    China is about to control America's power grid

    What could go wrong? Basically, President Donald Trump issued an...
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    China wargames in Canada and Chinese drone on U.S. soil?

    Sounds like the U.S. put pressure on Canada to stop this, but word on the street is the U.S. shot down a CCP drone and are sorta covering it up. Canadian military's move to cancel exercises with China upset Trudeau: Reports - The Week All of a sudden there was a real suspicious crash in...
  8. nodle

    Mysterious seeds arrive from China

    I don't know if anyone else have been reading these articles, but basically random people have been receiving random seeds from China and the U.S. government is warning people not to plant them and turn them in. Makes you wonder what they are trying to do? ...
  9. nodle

    China confirms birth of gene-edited babies

    I think this has happened already in multiple countries as 'tests' already. Going to be an interesting future. China confirms birth of gene-edited babies, HIV resistant edited twins under observation. Scientist He Jiankui to be punished.
  10. nodle

    China completes antenna 5 times the size of NYC

    If you read the article, China claims it's for earthquakes and mineral detection. Others claim it's for submarine communication. But look at the waves they are using (ELF), what if it's more for mind control? Source
  11. nodle

    Synthetic diamonds threaten diamond industry

    I'm actually ok with this. De Beers has had a monopoly for the longest time. Diamonds actually aren't worth that much, they just manipulate the market to make you think they are. Synthetic diamonds from China have pushed prices down and forced De Beers to invest millions of dollars on methods...
  12. nodle

    China unveils plans for hypersonic jet

  13. D

    China's Blueprint for Global Enslavement
  14. nodle

    Russia's own internet?

    So rumor on the street is Russia is thinking of creating it's own internet with it's friends. I can't say I blame them with all the takeover of the internet anymore. I have always said that it needed to remained untouched to see how it would evolve. But it seems like there is to much control...
  15. D

    Wansview IP Cam

    Anyone have any experience with these? Picked a 1080p outdoor wireless one for my dad. I emailed them for the tool to turn off P2P and DDNS. Reviews were fairly decent and the price was right. 
  16. nodle

    Invisible car in China?
  17. nodle

    Russia and China announce their own International Reserve Bank

    Wow this is pretty big news! Russia and China are once again saying, "Take that, America." President Vladimir Putin approved a new $100 billion reserve fund over the weekend that will specifically aid the BRICS nations: Brazil, Russia, India China and South Africa. It's another step by the...
  18. nodle

    China using massive amount of concrete

    Insane! :eek: China produces and consumes about 60 percent of the world’s cement — the Three Gorges Dam alone required 16 million tonnes of it. To put China’s massive 21st century construction splurge and concrete consumption into perspective, Bill Gates made a mind-blowing comparison...
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    McDonalds in China get WoW makeovers

    I wanna go!
  20. nodle

    River In China Mysteriously Turns Bloody Red Overnight