1. nodle

    Dr. Pepper creamy coconut

    So I saw this at the store about week ago and had to try it out. It's not overpowering like say a Mountain Dew unique flavor. It's still Dr. Pepper with just a slight hint of cocunt at the very end. Very lightly flavored. It was good.
  2. nodle

    Hop Water

    So a friend gave me one of these to try. Now I am not into these new trendy carbinated waters, but this one is actually good. I have only tried the Lime flavor, but it has a very crisp, clean, summer taste to it. It also has some things supposedly to make you less stressed? I could see you...
  3. nodle

    Brewing your own beer

    Has anyone ever looked into or got into their own beer brewing? I see Amazon has some kits that are pretty cheap to try. Looks like you just boil the ingredients and then let it sit for a while to let it go through fermentation then bottle it...
  4. nodle

    Pepsi Peeps flavored

    Alright, who is going to try them?
  5. nodle

    Dr. Pepper - Strawberries and Cream

    I see Dr. Pepper has a new flavor out people are raving about. Anyone try it yet?
  6. nodle

    Coke Marshmallow drink?

    Looks like Coke has a new drink out. I would try it.
  7. nodle

    Coke Starlight drink

    Has anyone tried this yet? I have not seen it in stores yet around here, I heard it has a vanilla/nutty taste to it. I read that it tastes the best from the can.Anyone tried it yet? Starlight is here (coca-cola.com)
  8. jmanz

    Bone Broth

    I have long loved beef broth and such since I was a kid. However, bone broth is a better alternative. Making your own from scratch is the best way to do it although you can buy it at the stores and just heat it up. Talk about a protein boost and very good for you. Good for gut health, joints...
  9. nodle

    Mountain Dew flavors

    Picked up some mountain dew last night, I normally don't drink pop but they had a killer deal so I grabbed some to have every once and awhile. I see they have quit a few flavors now, which one is your favorite?
  10. nodle

    Nespresso makers

    Does anyone have a Nespresso maker, or have they every tried one? Seems like they have a new model out that uses centrifugal force to push the water though the coffee. The pods are a little more expensive than a Keurig, but they are suppose to be way better.
  11. nodle

    Coca-Cola hired hitmen

  12. nodle

    Lifestraw water drinking device

    Has anyone one see these (or better yet used one)? Kinda a neat tool that filters dirty water and allows you to drink it without getting sick. Great for hikers or even your bug out bag. http://lifestraw.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Lifestraw-01-391x1000.jpg...
  13. jthock

    Water drinking app

    I downloaded this app on my android called Water Your Body, and I have never realized how little water I drink until now. It has you put in your weight, then reminds you with a water swooshing sound when you should drink your designated input size. I put in 16 oz water bottle - it is helping me...
  14. nodle

    Coffee Drinkers unite!

    How many of you drink coffee around here? I'm a K-cup guy myself. I don't like my coffee to strong, then you get that acidic taste to it. I also like to use some sort of flavored creamer with mine. I also prefer my coffee lukewarm. Not to hot, not to cold. I have been using this flavor lately...
  15. ryanator

    Water - 8 glasses too much. How much do you drink?

    We've all heard or been told to drink 8 - 8 oz glasses of water a day. Or, then even some people started getting scientific by saying take your body weight and divide by 2 to get the number of ounces you need to drink. Well, what if you been told there actually isn't any scientific positive...
  16. nodle

    Kiddex Juice Drink!

  17. nodle

    I would approve of this drink

  18. nodle

    Drink Colt 45

    Ads done the way they should be! http://imgur.com/xdkVl.jpg
  19. nodle

    Nutella snack and drink

    Looks so good! http://imgur.com/mSIMu.jpg
  20. nodle

    N Korea's new super drink