1. nodle

    AdGuard public DNS

    After playing with AdGuard and being pleasantly surprised with this browser blocking capability, I saw that they have a public DNS that will block them at the root level. No software to install, just pointing to their DNS servers and they will do the filtering. I don't think it's as good as the...
  2. nodle

    Are people starting to lose interest in the internet?

    I have been wanting to post this thread for while now, just something that I have started to notice in the last 1-2 years. I just got done watching a YouTube video of a guy basically signing off of YouTube. He was a big tech/gadget guy and he explained how not only his subscribers are dropping...
  3. nodle

    What's everyone's internet speed?

    We haven't had one of these in a long time. Let's post our download/upload speeds. Funny story I have been on 100 down 12 up for quite some time now. I started having drop outs and the technician came over and I asked him when we were going to get bumped to 200 like the website says. He said...
  4. nodle

    Internet passport coming?

    Is there an internet passport coming soon? Word on the sewer street is there will be soon coming a mandate the government will want a vaccine style passport to gain internet access. This will be announced to combat 'misinformation spread', along with a "safer" internet. You just witnessed a test...
  5. nodle

    NextDNS - Network wide DNS filter

    What do you think of NextDNS? Basically a DNS that works somewhat like a Pihole or Adguard. Basically it's a DNS where all your traffic flows though that has built in adblock and malware lists. There is a pay version that gives you a control panel I believe as well. NextDNS - The new firewall...
  6. nodle

    Vivaldi web browser

    Ran across this web browser last night. It is based on Chrome but the old CEO of Opera has built it. I am typing on it right now trying it out. It is a highly customizable browser with a lot of unique customizations such as color schemes and tabs options. Check it out.
  7. nodle

    What's your take on the whole 'Q' phenomenon?

    I have been hearing about this for awhile, and I know places like Reddit have banned it. I find it strange that the media won't report on it as well. Is 'Q' really Trump himself?
  8. nodle

    IP Address is Not Enough to Identify Pirates

    About dam time, I have said this for so many years. There is way to much shared access these days. Source
  9. nodle

    DuckDuckGo - Search Engine

    I know DuckDuckGo has been around for quite some time now, but I haven't looked into them in a long time. But I am impressed, they have come quite a long way and it's private unlike Google. Plus they have a new app out as well. Works quite nice with Firefox.
  10. nodle

    Deep State - something strange is happening on the internet

    So I have been wanting to post this for awhile, but after @Davidc post today about google I thought I would. There is something strange happening lately on the internet. I don't really know how to explain it, but it's mass hatred for anything good and the right wing. Now everyone can have an...
  11. nodle

    Russia's own internet?

    So rumor on the street is Russia is thinking of creating it's own internet with it's friends. I can't say I blame them with all the takeover of the internet anymore. I have always said that it needed to remained untouched to see how it would evolve. But it seems like there is to much control...
  12. nodle

    Cellphone, internet outages reported across U.S.

    Oh look another test @Davidc. Verizon outage map: T-Mobile  outage map: Sprint outage map: AT&T outage map:
  13. C Pav

    Stupid wording on forums these days

    Okay, this maybe a waste of time rant but I notice all too often thread topics on many forums I go to start with "Can we talk about..." EFFING JUST START A TOPIC ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT TO DISCUSS!!!! You don't need to "ask" if it can be talked about since all you want to do is start a thread about...
  14. nodle

    Government assistance internet

    So I guess I have heard within the last few years abut the internet being a Human right. My personal view is it's not a right, but at the same time I think it should be made available in most places. What got me to create this thread is in our local paper there is an ad that says if you don't...
  15. jthock

    Cable internet

    I remember getting a solid, steady 200 ping in intense online games in the early 2000s on my 56k modem. 56k! (56 kilobytes per second! There are 1,000 kilobytes in a megabyte, remember!) My cable company (the only one in Butte) is advertising and I am supposedly paying for 30mbps!!! (30,000...
  16. ndboarder

    VPN services

    Could swear there was a thread on these, but I can't find it in search. I can't think of a real need for one, aside from if you want to get a sports streaming package and be able to watch local teams whose games would get blacked out normally. Anyway, I've not used one, but I see there's a...
  17. nodle

    Whitehouse to provide internet for low income families

    White House Unveils ConnectHome For Low-Income Households While broadband for low-income households is fine and dandy, how are these people going to get online without a computer or other internet connected device? Dubbed ConnectHome, the new initiative will bring high-speed broadband access...
  18. nodle

    Internet advertisments

    This needs to stop. Thankfully I use adblock , but ads on webpages are just getting insane. Not just there either have you seen Youtube lately? Ok I understand a ad here or there but they are out of control. Trying to play a Youtube video for my daughter this morning. An ad comes on and she gets...
  19. O-Tron

    Can we just blow up the internet?

    I just saw this and I want to go to sleep tonight and wake up to no internet. This faux outrage over and obviously joking remark is what is wrong with the world. Don't people have anything...