1. nodle

    Media burnout

    Anyone else getting media burnout lately? Seems like America is such a dumpster fire lately that is all you see on the media anymore. I think staying up on current events is important but it can really change your attitude and make you a media zombie at the same time. Sometimes you just need to...
  2. nodle

    They are coming for your guns, news and updates

    Since it seems like I might be bumping this up the next 4 years, might as well get it going with some news. Supreme Court Will Decide Whether Police Can Enter A Home To Seize Guns Without A Warrant (
  3. nodle

    Feel good stories thread

    This has been on my mind for awhile now. I think I even made a post about an idea to have an all news channel like this. But with so much garbage in the world these days, I thought it would be nice to have a thread where you can post feel good posts that put a smile on your face. I'll start us...
  4. D

    Huge Bombshell

    This out to shake Washington up pretty good. Bet they back off from Trump now.
  5. D

    News is going downhill

    Doesn't it seem the news has got really crazy compared to 10 years ago even? There seems to be alot going down. 
  6. D

    Joe Rogan & Alex Jones Expose Megyn Kelly Producing FAKE NEWS

    Talks about the WTO and the riots in Seattle.
  7. D

    Main stream media news
  8. D

    You Won't Believe What They Admitted on the News in 1971
  9. nodle

    Hostage taker at Dutch national news station getting arrested

    So this happened today, but it gets weird. See below. Gunman: I am glad you're staying calm. Hostage: I am just as nervous as you are. I really want to go home, so i won't get in your way. Gunman: I understand that sir. Hostage: I am glad that you...
  10. nodle

    American VS. World news

    This made me laugh. Visited two different news sites today. Can you tell which one is the American news? VS.
  11. nodle

    Facebook reportedly bringing commercials to News Feed

    I'm not surprised. :confused:
  12. nodle

    North Dakota news reporter drops F-bomb
  13. nodle

    A new "news" channel

    I have an idea. Instead of your two main news stations such as CNN and FOX News. How about we have a news station that it just dedicated to all the good stuff in the world? Like news of people helping people. Good deads being done etc. instead of all this bad news all the time?
  14. nodle

    UFO filmed by news station in Denver
  15. nodle

    ND made the news again!

  16. nodle

    Sports News Reader Gets Owned

    How can something so small be so impressive? I love how he just pauses. :laugh:
  17. nodle

    CRTC wants to allow false and misleading news to be broadcast

    Does this make any sense?
  18. nodle

    Police brutality on a US news channel?

    God Bless the U.S.A.
  19. WayneKerr

    New news portal "Sorted by hype (size) and topic (color) you can view your news at a glance. Region are selectable at the type" Looks handy.
  20. nodle

    "Mystery Man" on live news in the UK