1. nodle

    Vehicle self-inflating and deflating tire system

    So since newer vehicles have tire monitoring systems, and small compressors are a thing these days, why can't they have a system in cars that you and program to your PSI liking and it will inflate or deflate the tire to the programed PSI? I know Hummers had this feature I used it once in one. It...
  2. nodle

    2025 Subaru Forester

    Here are some leaked images of the new 2025 Subaru Forester. It looks like they went for the new CRV or Jeep Cherokee look. More squared.
  3. nodle

    What was your first vehicle?

    I thought this would be fun to talk about our very first vehicles. I'll start off. My first vehicle was a 48 Chevy truck. I would have to go out before school, pull the choke and get it going to take me and my siter to school in. The second and the first vehicle I purchased with my first loan...
  4. ryanator

    What kind of pain scuff mark is this?

    In the picture below, what kind of mark is this in the vehicle paint?  I commonly see it.  Is it a clear coat scratch/scuff?   It's flat and smooth and doesn't come out with rubbing alcohol or acetone. For some reason can't find anything on the internet. How do you fix it?  
  5. nodle

    Vehicle air conditioner re-charge

    I notice my older car that the air conditioner wasn't very cold the other day. I have always seen these recharge systems at the store but never really looked into them before. You basically snap it on and a meter will tell you if you need to recharge it or not, and you pull the trigger until it...
  6. nodle

    Subaru Baxter Performance anti drain adapter

    Well, I have been wanting to buy one of these for a couple of years now, and I have been checking on and off for months, but couldn't justify the price. I have personally spoken to the guy that makes these a couple of times last year and he was super nice and answered all my questions. I just...
  7. nodle

    Vehicle window care

    What does everyone use for their vehicle windows? I have found Spray Away works the best and really gets the hard-to-get bugs off. I have also used Rain X as a follow-up that helps with water, but does eventually fade. I just ordered a 12 pack of Spray Away to stock in my garage.  Sprayway...
  8. nodle

    Fuel injection cleaner

    With the high ethanol in our fuels these days, along with the changes to fuels in the last few years, how many of you run a bottle of fuel injection cleaner through your motors every now and then? Typically, I use the Lucas brand: Fuel Treatment ( But I see seafoam came out with...
  9. nodle

    Car wash wand dryer

    I was lying in bed thinking of this, why don't those quarter cash wash places where you get the wand sprayers have a wand dryer? It would be a wand that has a 15-degree nozzle in it like a power washer that sprays compressed air. So, after you get done washing your vehicle and want to dry it you...
  10. nodle

    What type of fuel do you use?

    So, what type of fuel does everyone use in their vehicles? Do you just use the standard unleaded, mid-grade, or high octane?  The reason I am asking is I have always just run the regular, but yesterday I used mid-grade, and I can't believe how much better our car ran. I mean it was so much...
  11. nodle

    Roof cargo racks

    I am looking at purchasing a cargo rack for our vehicle and was wondering what brand everyone prefers? I am looking at Thule and Yakima. Mostly swaying to Thule. I know they are sold in assorted sizes based off what you want to CU wise. Does anyone have one for their vehicle and if so, what do...
  12. nodle

    Boss audio car stereo with Bluetooth

    Can't beat this deal if you just want a car audio player. No CD etc. but most people just stream everything over Bluetooth anyways these days. BOSS Audio Systems 616UAB Multimedia Car Stereo - Single Din LCD Bluetooth Audio and Hands-Free Calling, Built-in Microphone, MP3/USB...
  13. nodle

    The current vehicle shortage situation

    What strange times we live in where your old used vehicle is worth more money than a new vehicle off the lot. If you can find a new vehicle on a lot. It just keeps getting tougher and tougher to find a new vehicles out there. I think it's on purpose myself. They can blame chip shortages, and...
  14. nodle

    BMW's color changing car

    I was showing this to @jmanz the other day. I bet the cops wouldn't like this.
  15. nodle

    Subaru Forester Wilderness

    So I see Subaru release a new 'off-road' version of their Forester. Basically trying to copy the Jeep Cherokee. They even copied the hood. I don't know, why I think a Forester has a great AWD system, I don't consider it super rugged. Discover the all-new 2022 Subaru Forester® Wilderness™.
  16. nodle

    Air filters for your vehicle

    So I thought I would start a thread about air filters for your vehicles and which ones are the best. I have been researching them the last couple of days and found interesting results like this video poste below: like this guy's videos) I always...
  17. nodle

    Portable air compressor for your vehicle

    So last year Amazon had a flash sale and they had one of those little air compressors that go into your cigarette lighter. It was only around $20, and I thought why not? It came with a small travel case and fit down below by my spare tire in the vehicle. Here a couple of weeks ago we were at a...
  18. nodle

    Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 leaks online

    I really like it, has a classic 80's vibe like the old one, with modern style.
  19. nodle

    Vehicle dent removers

    My wife got a door ding in our new car a couple of months ago. I got a quote on it and it was going to run about $175- $200 to remove it. It has been driving me crazy so I thought I would try one of these kits off Amazon. I watched a few YouTube videos on using it and I thought, for $40 I will...
  20. nodle

    Spotify’s ‘Car Thing’ Announced

    Introducing Car Thing from Spotify Check out Car Thing, Spotify’s new smart player designed for your drive. Get all the music and podcasts you love, every mile of the way.